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Braden Pollock

Braden is a well-known domain investor, angel investor and serial entrepreneur. Among his companies is Legal Brand Marketing, which provides “lead generation” services to lawyers nationwide. As an angel investor, he has an equity interest in several dozen other companies including Katalyst, Innovation Collective, iBeautyBrands, The Grooming Network (,, etc), Bold Metrics, DataZoom, Tastry, Next Health, Osano, Styku and many others. His domain portfolio is well into the thousands of domains with a current focus on premium one-word .coms. Braden’s latest venture is the Pollock Fund focused entirely on investments in alternative asset classes. He also serves on several Boards including the non-profit, Internet Commerce Association.

Portfolio Manager

Alessandra Ferrara-Miller

Ally has been working with Mr. Pollock since 2012 and has become an integral part in many of his companies, including Legal Brand Marketing, and 
Since 2014, Ally has managed Braden’s domain portfolio consisting of thousands of premium domains. She oversees the management, maintenance, monetization and transactions within the portfolio. In Ally’s role as Portfolio Manager of Pollock Fund, she oversees all Fund assets and client relations.  
In addition to her work with Mr. Pollock, Ally is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, All for Lunch, Inc. which works towards the mission of eliminating school lunch debt and fighting against childhood food insecurity.

Braden Pollock In the Spotlight

Conference Appearances and Interviews

Braden Pollock is renowned in the international domain industry and is a consistent moderator and panelist at domain conferences around the world. Braden is often sought out for interviews and to appear on panels for his proven expertise in the field of buying, selling, and monetizing domain names. Braden is also a member of the Internet Commerce Association. 


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Conference Name Location Role Year
Domain Days Dubai Dubai Moderator 2024
Digital Asset Congress Iceland Moderator 2024
Domain Summit London, UK Moderator 2024
NamesCon Global Austin, TX Moderator 2024
Internet Commerce Member Meeting Las Vegas, NV Speaker 2023
Dominion Las Vegas, NV Moderator 2024
Domain Days Dubai Dubai Speaker 2023
Domain Summit London, UK Speaker 2023
Internet Commerce Member Meeting Las Vegas, NV Speaker 2023
NamesCon Global Austin, TX Master of Ceremonies 2023
Nordic Domain Days Stockholm, Sweden Master of Ceremonies 2023
Internet Commerce Association Meetup Las Vegas Moderator 2023
ICANN76 Community Forum Cancun, Mexico Attendee 2023
NamesCon Global Austin, TX Moderator 2022
Contracted Parties Summit Los Angeles, CA Attendee 2022
NamesCon Online Virtual Moderator 2021
The Domain Show Virtual Moderator 2020
NamesCon Global Austin, TX Moderator 2020
1st Annual Asheville Professional Domain Investors Meetup & Family Outing Ashville, NC Attendee 2019
NamesCon Europe Cascais, Portugal Moderator 2019
NamesCon Global Las Vegas, NV Moderator 2019
Domaining Americas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Moderator 2018
NamesCon Europe Valencia, Spain Moderator 2018
TokenFest San Francisco, CA Moderator 2018
LeadsCon Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV Attendee 2018
NamesCon Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV Moderator 2018
MERGE! Orlando, FL Moderator 2017
NameSummit Manhattan, NY Moderator 2017
NamesCon India Mumbai, India Moderator 2017
Domaining Europe Berlin, Germany Moderator 2017
LeadsCon Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV Attendee 2017
SXSW Austin, TX Attendee 2017 San Francisco, CA Moderator 2017
NamesCon 2017 Las Vegas, NV Moderator 2017
DOMAINfest Asia Hong Kong Moderator 2016
TheDomain Conference Fort Lauderdale, FL Moderator 2016
Domainers Meet 2016 Dubai Moderator 2016
South by Southwest Austin, TX Attendee 2016
NamesCon 2016 Las Vegas, NV Moderator 2016 – Call Marketing Conference San Francisco, CA Moderator 2016
Domaining Europe 2016 Amsterdam Moderator 2016
LeadsCon Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV Moderator 2016
THE Domain Conference Fort Lauderdale, FL Moderator 2015
NamesCon Las Vegas, NV Moderator 2015
Domaining Europe Valencia, Spain Moderator 2015
LeadsCon Las Vegas, NV Moderator 2015
NamesCon Las Vegas, NV Moderator 2014
DomainFest Santa Monica, CA Moderator 2014
Domaining Europe Valencia, Spain Moderator 2014
LeadsCon East New York, NY Moderator 2014
LegalTech Los Angeles, CA Speaker 2014
DNSeattle  Seattle, WA Attendee 2014
DNBoston  Boston, MA Attendee 2014
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West Las Vegas, NV Speaker 2014
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East Florida Moderator 2014
Domaining Spain Valencia, Spain Moderator 2013
LeadsCon Las Vegas, NV Speaker/Panelist 2013
InvestSatellite Mexico City, MX Moderator 2013
DomainFest Santa Monica, CA Speaker 2012
DNCruise Bahamas Speaker 2012
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East Florida Speaker 2012
Domain Roundtable Bahamas Speaker 2011
InvestSatellite Uruguay Moderator 2010



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